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DWAI Charges Lawyer Greeley CO


Colorado is known for its strict enforcement of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. While most Greeley residents are aware of the negative consequences imposed by DUIs, many are largely unaware of another type of offense called

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DUI Defense Attorney Morgan County


DUIs are a serious offense in Colorado that can lead to jail time, fines, and license suspension upon conviction. Due to the severity of the punishments for DUIs, it’s essential to look for “good lawyers near me” to help

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DUI Attorneys Weld County


You have found the DUI Attorneys Weld County prosecutors fear, and for good reason. Robert E. Ray has been the top criminal defense attorney in Weld for three decades. If you need to find the best for your criminal

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Best Morgan County Lawyer


If you’ve found yourself in trouble with the law, it’s crucial to find a lawyer you can trust to assist you throughout your case. Without proper representation and knowledge of the law, it’s challenging to do a decent job

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Free Case Evaluation Lawyer Northern Colorado

If you are debating hiring a Colorado legal group to represent you, one of the best ways to determine if a lawyer is right for you is by signing up for a free consultation. A free consultation is beneficial for

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1st, 2nd, & 3rd Degree Assault Charges Northern Colorado Lawyer


If you have found yourself in trouble with the law facing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree assault charges, it’s time to call your lawyer. Depending on the classification of the assault, the punishment could result in felonies or misdemeanors. If

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Best Fort Collins Defense Lawyer

Are you in a predicament that has you looking for the best Fort Collins defense lawyer? Don’t trust just any lawyer with your defense. The Law Offices of Robert E. Ray are the best criminal defense lawyers in Northern Colorado.

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Fraud Lawyer Fort Collins

Searching for a ”fraud lawyer Fort Collins” tells us that you’re looking for someone to come alongside, and defend you in whatever your fraud situation is. Fraud charges can stem from many different categories and are often linked to other

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Prescription Drug Lawyer Greeley CO

Prescription drugs are often needed for patients that use them to live a healthy life. Unfortunately, many of these same drugs are popular for recreational use, which can land the user in a lot of trouble with the law if

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