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Colorado State Agency Under Scrutiny for Processing of DUI Blood Tests
An internal report from the Colorado Department of Health recently raised questions about the processing of blood-alcohol and blood-drug tests by the state lab. The report describes an environment where a supervisor made comments favoring the prosecution and did not properly train employees who completed and testified in court about test results.
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Coloradans Should Still Be Cautious After Legalization of Marijuana
The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has garnered headlines across the nation and provoked various reactions from people in parts of the state like Weld County. Regardless of how they may view the legal changes, it is important for state
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Colorado Debating Tougher DUI Penalties for Repeat Offenders
Amid the seemingly endless national media coverage of Colorado's legalization of marijuana, including legalization's effect on drugged driving, Colorado lawmakers and Weld County attorneys are also focusing on the more well-known issue of drunk driving and Colorado DUI laws. A
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