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Colorado Debating Tougher DUI Penalties for Repeat Offenders
Amid the seemingly endless national media coverage of Colorado's legalization of marijuana, including legalization's effect on drugged driving, Colorado lawmakers and Weld County attorneys are also focusing on the more well-known issue of drunk driving and Colorado DUI laws. A
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SCOTUS & the Cellphone Case: Implications for Colorado Charges
The Supreme Court of the United States, or SCOTUS, recently issued a holding on a case involving the search of a cellphone. The case dealt with the question of privacy and the search of cellphones. Ultimately, the justices held that in order to search a cellphone, officers must get a warrant.
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Research Suggests Eyewitness Mistakes are an Inevitable Risk in CO Cases

Human memory is not flawless, as most people in Greeley recognize. Still, despite knowing this, people are often inclined to believe recollections of traumatic events, such as assault or rape, which is why eyewitness evidence can be decisive in many

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