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Best Weld County Attorney

Best Weld County Attorney

Being arrested is a stressful and emotional time. It not only has a huge impact on you. It impacts everyone around you. If you’ve been arrested, don’t leave anything to chance. Be sure you call the best Weld County attorney. As you’re searching, you’ll find lots of lawyers. How do you know which one is the best in the county? At the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray, we’ve been defending clients for over forty years.

Who is the Best Weld County Attorney?

  1. The more experience, the better. As a minimum, you want a lawyer with at least 10-15 years of experience. You also want an attorney with experience with your type of case. A personal injury lawyer of 20 years will not be much help on a drug charges case. Ask lots of questions. What type of cases do they usually defend? How long have they been defending those cases? Can they tell you about a similar case? The best Weld County attorney won’t avoid questions. They’ll answer honestly and be upfront with you.
  2. If you’re charged in Weld County, don’t hire an Adams County attorney. You want the best Weld County attorney who understands the county’s system. A local lawyer knows the prosecutors and judges in the area. When your lawyer knows the prosecutor on your case, that is important insight. Having a locally-based attorney also makes things easier. Your appointments with your lawyer will be closer and easier to get to.
  3. The best criminal defense attorney is a reliable attorney. They are responsive and communicate well. They follow up with you frequently. If someone claims to be the best but doesn’t respond to messages or calls, they’re not. The best Weld County attorney makes time for their clients.
  4. We’ve saved one of the most important qualities for last. You need an attorney who can either win your case or get you the best result possible. How do you know if the attorney is successful? Again, ask questions. Ask about other similar cases and their outcomes. You can also check their website. Successful attorneys often feature their cases online. You won’t find identifying details, but you can see what the charges and outcome were.

Local, Successful Lawyers

If you’re facing criminal charges, don’t trust just any lawyer. Call the best Weld County attorney – Robert E. Ray. At the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray, we’ve been defending clients for over forty years. We’re based in Greeley and have a track record of success. If we can, we’ll get your case dismissed or find you the best defense. If there isn’t a defense, we’ll still fight for you to get you the best outcome possible. Contact us for a free case evaluation today.