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If you find yourself in trouble with the law and are searching for “defense attorneys Fort Collins CO,” one of the best ways to help your case is by finding a great lawyer early on. While most good lawyers will be able to get many of their cases thrown out before they go to trial, what happens if your case does go to trial? Depending on what county the crime was committed and what the accused crime is, there may be variations, but similar procedures are usually followed throughout all criminal trials. With more than twenty years of experience, the law offices of Robert E. Ray have helped many people win their criminal defense cases that have gone to trial. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect if your case makes it to trial. 

Going to trial? What to expect and how defense attorneys Fort Collins CO-based lawyers can help 

If this is your first time going to trial, you may feel overwhelmed with what events are to come. The good news is that the more prepared you are, the better chance you will receive a positive outcome in your case. Having a solid defense team to support you during this difficult time can make a difference in the final verdict. Learn more about what you can expect during the trial below. 

Opening Statements 

Once your trial begins, the first part of the trial will be opening statements made by the prosecution. The prosecution will outline what they plan to prove and the evidence to support this claim during the opening statements. After the prosecutor is done, your attorney will also make an opening statement on your behalf. 

Present Evidence and Question Witnesses 

After the opening statements have concluded, your trial will continue with the prosecution presenting evidence and questioning witnesses. During this time, your attorney will also have the chance to cross-examine the witness to ask more questions that will benefit your case. Once the prosecution is done presenting evidence, your lawyer will be able to present evidence to support your defense. Depending on what you and your lawyer decide is best, you can either testify or not. 

Closing Statements 

Once both sides have had the opportunity to present, the prosecution will start by making a final statement. After the prosecution is done, the defense will make one last argument in your defense. This is a pivotal part of the trial since this is the last opportunity to help make the jury side in your favor. 

Deliberations and Verdict 

Finally, the last stage of the trial is the jury deliberations and verdict. Both Federal and State level trials need to have a unanimous decision; otherwise, the judge can declare a mistrial. If your case is declared a mistrial, then the prosecution has the opportunity to either dismiss the charges or go for a retrial. If there is no mistrial, then you also have the opportunity to fight the verdict later on if you are still not happy with the result. 


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