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Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes Attorney Greeley Weld CountyAny drug crime has the potential to derail your life. Colorado's drug laws call for very harsh penalties in many instances. Certain drug crimes can lead to mandatory prison time. It is critical that you have an experienced defense lawyer on your side. For years, people throughout Northern Colorado have depended on the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray for tough, aggressive legal representation. From our office in Greeley, our drug crimes defense lawyers will act swiftly and decisively to challenge the government's evidence at every turn.

Weld County Drug Possession And Drug Distribution Attorneys

Our law firm represents people accused of drug trafficking and possession of every type of drug, including:Whether you were arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession, felony possession or sale and distribution, our lawyers will look for every potential defense in your case. One of the most common defenses in drug crimes involves showing that the police illegally searched you, your home or your vehicle. Drug Crimes Defense Attorney Robert E RayOur lawyers have a complete command of the laws involving illegal searches and seizures. If the police acted unlawfully when gathering evidence in your case, we will ask the judge to suppress the evidence and dismiss your charges.In many situations, the state "overcharges" the case, meaning the defendant is charged with a far more serious crime than is warranted by the facts. We can find the flaws in the government's case and persuade them to dismiss any charges unsupported by the facts. In short, if there is a defense to your charges, our law firm will find it. If there is not, we will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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