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DUI License Suspension

DUI License Suspension in GreeleyOf the many possible penalties associated with a DUI, for many people, the most serious penalty is the loss of one's driving privileges. The loss of your driving privileges will create many problems. For some individuals, such as people with commercial driver's licenses (CDLs), this can be professionally devastating.In Colorado, a DUI charge has two parts: the criminal charge, which is handled by the courts, and the administrative part, which is handled by the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles.You will receive your Notice of Revocation at the police station upon your arrest or through the mail some time after your arrest. In either instance you have seven days to request a hearing.The sooner you get in touch with an experienced DUI lawyer the more options you will have. At the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray, our attorneys have successfully defended numerous individuals in both administrative and criminal proceedings. Our Greeley DUI license suspension attorneys have helped many people across Colorado avoid the worst consequences of a DUI charge.

Weld County DUI License Suspension Attorneys

Our lawyers will work closely with you throughout the process. We will talk to you about the circumstances of your arrest in order to understand your version of events. You will have the opportunity to request that the arresting officer appear at your hearing. You should almost always request that the officer appear at the hearing. DUI License Suspension AttorneyIf the officer does not appear, your driving privileges will not be revoked. If the officer appears, one of our attorneys will ask the officer questions about the initial stop and arrest in your case.If your hearing is unsuccessful, the length of your driver's license suspension will depend on a number of factors. If you submitted to a breath or blood test, your license will be suspended for nine months on a first offense. You will be eligible for an interlock ignition device after one month. If you refused a breath or blood test for a first offense, you face a one-year suspension with no interlock privileges at any point. Further, refusals cannot run concurrently, meaning that you will be suspended for at least one year and nine months after a first offense. Subsequent offenses face even lengthier license revocation.

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