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DWAI Charges Lawyer Greeley CO

DWAI Charges Lawyer Greeley CO


Colorado is known for its strict enforcement of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. While most Greeley residents are aware of the negative consequences imposed by DUIs, many are largely unaware of another type of offense called the DWAI. Although both charges are related to driving under the influence, it may come as a surprise that they are not interchangeable offenses. If you are searching for “DWAI charges lawyer Greeley CO” the law offices of Robert E. Ray have experience handling both types of cases. Keep reading to learn more about the differences and the charges for a DWAI in Colorado first offense. 

DWAI charges lawyer Greeley CO: DUI vs DWAI 

The first question we often get is what is a DWAI in Colorado, and how does it differ from a DUI? DWAI, which stands for driving while ability impaired typically is a lesser known offense that can be charged when a driver tests with a BAC of at least .05 but below .08. Under Colorado state law, a DWAI is charged for drivers that have slightly been affected to safely drive but do not meet the qualifications of a DUI. 

On the other hand, someone charged with a DUI, which stands for driving under the influence, has been tested with a BAC of at or over .08. With this charge, the driver has been rendered substantially incapable of safe driving of a motor vehicle. 

DWAI in Colorado first offense: what are the penalties?

If you have been charged with a DWAI in Colorado, the good news is the penalties, while still severe, are not as severe as a DUI. To compare, for a DWAI in Colorado first offense, the penalties are as follows:

  • Fine between $200-500 
  • Jail time of two to 180 days 
  • Community service of 24 to 48 hours 
  • Eight points on the license 

If you are charged with a first DUI offense, the penalties are as follows:

  • Fine between $600-$1000 
  • Jail time of five days to one year 
  • Community service of 48 to 96 hours 

While the penalties are less severe for first-time offenders, a DWAI could still result in revoking your license if you have other points already on your record. For drivers under 21, a BAC of .02 or more could result in a DWAI or DUI if charged, so it’s best to hire a lawyer to help represent you. 

With more than 30 years of experience helping people in Northern Colorado, the law offices of Robert E. Ray are an excellent option for those searching for a “DWAI charges lawyer Greeley CO.”

Need help with a DWAI charge? Give us a call at 970-351-6083 to get started with a free one-hour consultation by phone. We are committed to defending your rights within the law. At Robert Ray Law, we serve Greeley, Weld, and Morgan counties. We defend charges of DUI, sex crimes, violent crimes, white-collar crimes, and more if you are also in need of a lawyer for any of these other crimes. We look forward to working with you on getting the best possible outcome for your case. 

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