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Category: Field Sobriety Tests

Who is the Best Greeley DUI Lawyer


Getting charged with a DUI is no laughing matter and can have severe consequences if convicted. The good news is that with the right attorney, a Colorado drunk driving arrest by no means is a certain conviction. But the

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Larimer County DUI Lawyer


For most Coloradans, a night out drinking is a way to unwind from a stressful day or work week. But a fun night out can quickly become a night of tragedy when someone chooses to drive while under the

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DWAI Charges Lawyer Greeley CO


Colorado is known for its strict enforcement of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. While most Greeley residents are aware of the negative consequences imposed by DUIs, many are largely unaware of another type of offense called

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Fort Collins DUI Lawyer

We’ve all been there at one time or another. We’ve enjoyed a good time in Old Town and then felt we were sober enough to drive home. That’s now how the police see it, and if they stop you for

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Colorado’s Drunk Driving Laws & Subsequent Penalties
The state of Colorado takes drunk driving offenses seriously and has a number of penalties for those convicted of breaking the law. Therefore, it's a good idea to become familiar with Colorado DUI laws, their penalties and how you can
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Colorado State Agency Under Scrutiny for Processing of DUI Blood Tests
An internal report from the Colorado Department of Health recently raised questions about the processing of blood-alcohol and blood-drug tests by the state lab. The report describes an environment where a supervisor made comments favoring the prosecution and did not properly train employees who completed and testified in court about test results.
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Field Sobriety Tests May be Problematic Even for Sober People
During the warmer summer and fall months when drunk driving is more common, law enforcement agencies across the country will be taking extra measures to keep drunk drivers off the roads. Colorado residents may have seen numerous checkpoints on local
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