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We’ve all been there at one time or another. We’ve enjoyed a good time in Old Town and then felt we were sober enough to drive home. That’s now how the police see it, and if they stop you for driving while intoxicated after you’ve had one too many, you’ve got a tough road ahead. But luckily, you did a Google search for “Fort Collins DUI lawyer” and found the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray. Call today for a free case evaluation: 970-351-6083.

When you search Fort Collins DUI Lawyer, find Robert. E. Ray Law

Getting a DUI is serious business. For many people, it can affect their job status and their reputation, not to mention their future, their bank account and their driver’s license status. That’s why having a strong, experienced Fort Collins DUI lawyer should be your first point of action. Robert E. Ray is a former prosecutor, and as a longtime criminal defense attorney, he has built a lasting reputation as an intense advocate for his clients in the courtroom. He likes to say, “If there is a defense, we will find it. If there is no defense, we will get you the best outcome possible.” 

A good defense lawyer will thoroughly review all evidence

With DUIs, there is some degree of certainty about the penalties you can face, whether it’s a first offense or a more serious crime that involved injury or death. Robert E. Ray will evaluate your case and ensure that police followed the many procedures involved and utilized their training. He will challenge the evidence against you in particular detail, from the officer’s reason for the stop, to how roadsides were performed, to the veracity of witness statements, and so on. He will go through the evidence with a fine-toothed comb to ensure the law was followed – every step of the way. 

We make sure you get the best defense for DUI in northern Colorado

Perhaps you or your friends know people who fought their DUI charges without an attorney. Don’t be fooled into defending yourself to save a few dollars. DUI penalties aren’t all completely set in black and white. A good lawyer can and will negotiate with the prosecutor to work out a deal that takes your specific circumstances into account. As an attorney who has both prosecuted and defended DUI cases, there is no substitute for the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray. Online studies have shown the difference an attorney can make in the outcomes of DUI cases, which equated to a 65% conviction rate vs. 74% conviction rate without an attorney. 

Robert E. Ray Law Offices are located in Greeley, but we serve clients all over northern Colorado, including Morgan County.  Robert Ray has been practicing law in Colorado for more than 50 years, working continually through the years to keep up with the laws, and how Colorado DUI law has changed over time. He also is a stout criminal defense attorney handling everything from murder to domestic violence. Read our DUI success stories before you decide to go it alone.

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