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When searching for Loveland CO lawyers, it’s important to ensure that your search is going in the right direction. While it’s normal to feel a little confused or overwhelmed, especially if this is the first time you have found yourself in trouble with the law, the good news is that finding the right lawyer can put your mind to ease. With more than 40 years of experience in criminal defense, the law offices of Robert E. Ray have helped many people, just like you, navigate through this challenging time. Keep reading to learn more about our specialty areas and why you should consider our offices for your case. 

Searching for Loveland CO lawyers? Why Robert E. Ray should be your top pick 

Areas of Speciality 

If you are dealing with a criminal defense case, you need a top-notch lawyer on your side. With a wide range of areas of representation, the law offices of Robert E. Ray are the best option to successfully represent you whether your case goes to trial or not. Some of the many types of cases that our lawyers build defense cases around include DUI, felony traffic offenses, sex crimes, possession, assault, white-collar crimes, and more. Time is of the essence with criminal cases, so it is best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to have the best possible outcome. Consider working with the law offices of Robert E. Ray if your case falls under any of these categories. 

Why you should consider Robert E. Ray for your case 

In a criminal defense case, not all lawyers are considered equal. While there are plenty of law offices local to Loveland, you deserve the best outcome for your case. At the law offices of Robert E. Ray, we will always strive for the best outcome even if there is no defense. We can often get cases thrown out before they go to trial, saving you the headache of a drawn-out legal battle. 


We believe that everyone facing criminal legal complications should be represented by a team that has their back, and so should you! No one should have to go through a criminal case alone, and with more than forty years of experience, we can help find the best solution for your case. 


For more information on why you should consider Robert E. Ray during your search for “Loveland CO Lawyers” give us a call today at 970-351-6083. We also offer a free case evaluation to make your decision easier. Discover what our services can do for your case today. 


Not convinced? Check out this 5-star review from one of our happy clients, Holly Kail. 

My son needed an attorney after getting pulled over. We called multiple law offices, and after our consultation with Robert Ray, we felt confident in retaining him as his attorney. He was thorough and knowledgeable. He didn’t beat around the bush and didn’t make unreasonable promises. While my son has learned a very hard lesson, I feel confident that he went in with the best representation we could get him. I also have to give kudos to his office staff. They are professional, kind, and always willing to help. As a mom, I had questions during the process, and they never spoke with frustration and were willing to help. I was really impressed and think that they give an amazing first and last impression. I have recommended the Law Office of Robert Ray in the past and will continue to recommend them in the future.”