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Morgan County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Finding a lawyer to defend you requires the utmost care. When choosing an attorney, you need someone with experience. An experienced lawyer understands how the details of your case matter in building your defense. Beyond experience, you need someone bold enough to fight for you. Your search for Morgan County Criminal Defense Lawyer brought you to a law firm you can trust. At the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray, we take the particulars of your case into account. If there is a defense, we’ll find it. If there is no defense, we’ll get you the best possible outcome. Don’t wait, contact us today to get started on building your defense.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me

Here at the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray, we understand that choices are limited in Colorado’s eastern counties. Though we’re based in Weld County, we’re proud to provide our excellent service to Morgan County. Your case matters to us, so we’ll go the extra mile to help you. We provide assistance for a variety of crimes. You shouldn’t be stuck with a subpar legal team because of where you’re located. If you’re facing criminal charges, the consequences of a conviction may be steep. In some cases, such as DUIs, recent changes to the law mean repeat offenders face harsher penalties than before. We understand the stress you’re under and we want to take some of the worries off your shoulders.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Though the state of Colorado legalized some marijuana usage, there are limits on how much you can possess at once. Other drugs are still illegal to possess or distribute in any quantity. If you’re facing drug charges, it’s important that you don’t speak to the police without legal representation. Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor possession charge, a felony possession charge, or a charge for the sale of illicit substances, the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray will help you build a defense. We’ll listen to the specifics of your situation and make sure the government is held accountable for any illegally gained evidence. We’re not afraid to provide a tough defense for our clients.

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Since 1975, the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray has been providing successful legal defense to Northern Colorado. We’ve received multiple awards for our work. We’re honest about your situation, so we’ll never make false promises. We take the time to understand you and your case. Whether you’re facing a DUI or drug charges, we have you covered. We also provide assistance for a variety of violent crimes, sex crimes, and white-collar crimes. No matter what drove you to search for Morgan County Criminal Defense Lawyer, we have your back. Contact us today, don’t delay.

Morgan County Criminal Defense Lawyer