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So you’re looking for an experienced and available Tax Evasion Lawyer Greeley, CO, residents have learned to count on? Since you found the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray, you can be assured we have the experience and the know-how to fight unjust tax evasion charges. Call for a free case evaluation today: (970) 351-6083.

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Tax Evasion is a scary label and one you likely don’t deserve. It is easy to make mistakes on your taxes. — especially if you are preparing them by yourself. Tax laws change all of the time. And the law states that the IRS can charge you for almost any misstatement on your taxes. If you are not aware of changes in tax laws, you may have unwittingly made a mistake that can be considered a crime.

Some common themes in IRS charges of tax evasion include:

  • Under-reporting your income
  • Inflating your deductions
  • Hiding taxable income
  • And transferring money to offshore accounts.

This worksheet from the IRS may help define some terms about tax evasion and avoidance. According to the IRS, tax avoidance is a perfectly legal way to lessen your tax burden, while tax evasion is about deliberately underpaying your taxes. The difference between the two ideas is subtle. It’s a difference that a good lawyer can help bring to light in a tax evasion charge.

Many cases of tax evasion are the result of honest mistakes, but sometimes a zealous tax investigator just wants the win.  To prove tax evasion, the IRS must show beyond a reasonable doubt that you attempted to not pay your taxes, that an additional tax was due and you acted willfully. The penalty could be up to three years in prison. It is vitally important that you find a good attorney if you learn you are being investigated or charged with tax evasion. Never talk to an investigator without a lawyer present.

Robert Ray’s years of experience show in the courtroom

Having a degree in economics has helped Robert E. Ray gain a foothold in white-collar crime and tax evasion defenses. Having four decades of experience brings his level of understanding beyond that of many other attorneys.  Having worked as a prosecutor himself gives him another level of knowledge that he can use to successfully defend his clients. Robert Ray understands the complications involved in ever-changing tax codes, and he knows the laws governing how the government is supposed to work.

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At the law offices of Robert E. Ray, we employ an entire team to fight for our clients, including investigators, paralegals, and Spanish language interpreters. We bring together years of experience, expertise, and empathy to treat our clients with respect. We fight to keep our clients free from wrongful charges, and overzealous investigations. 

The Law Office of Robert Ray is conveniently located near the Weld County Courthouse in downtown Greeley. We defend people against many crimes, from white-collar to violent crimes, DUI and drugs. Call today to put a true fighter in your corner.