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Testimonials & Success Stories

People v. B.W.

Two separate client charged with Trademark Infringement and computer crimes based on online purchase of sports jerseys; case dismissed prior to trial.

People v. L.Y.

Client charged with DUI and other connected charges; litigated Choice-Of-Evils defense and granted permission by court to present such; case negotiated to plea to non-alcohol charge with dismissal of DUI allegations.

People v. M.W.

Client charged with DUI stemming from accident; litigated suppression issues arguing officer had no probable cause to request a chemical test; statements and evidence suppressed resulting in a plea to Reckless Driving with dismissal of DUI allegations.

People v. B.F. and A.F.

Separate cases where both clients were charged with Breach of Peace and other related charges; investigation resulted in dismissal of all charges against both clients.

People v. C.H.

Client arrested for DUI and Illegal Weapon Possession after car accident; suppression hearing resulted in suppression of evidence after court finds no probable cause for DUI; negotiated plea to Reckless Driving with DUI and Weapon charges dismissed.

People v. T.B.

Client charged with Driving Under Restraint for alcohol related reasons; investigation supported Choice-Of-Evils defense and lead to plea to Permitting having no effect on client's license and dismissal of balance of charges.

People v. C.D.

Client charged with Drug Possession and Possession With Intent To Distribute; all evidence suppressed as a result of an unlawful search; case dismissed.

People v. M.C.

Client charged with Felony Kidnapping for actions taken by family members on an intruder in their own backyard; case dismissed

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