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Domestic Assault Charge Robert E Ray attorneyIf you or someone you love has been charged with assault, the lawyer you choose can potentially make a significant impact on the way your case is resolved. Attorney Robert E. Ray has defended people across Colorado since 1975. Our law firm, the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray, is serious about holding the government to its burden of proof, and will make a strong defense against your assault charges.Our lawyers provide a tough defense to any type of violent crime or assault charge, including:Third-degree assault: A class 1 misdemeanor, third-degree assault charges usually involve a person knowingly or recklessly causing injury to another person.Second-degree assault: Second-degree assault is generally charged as a class 4 felony. One of the most common types of second-degree assault involves causing bodily injury to a law enforcement agent or firefighter with the intent of preventing the officer from doing his or her job. Second-degree assault can also involve recklessly causing serious injury or, with intent, causing bodily injury with a deadly weapon. Many second-degree assault charges involve mandatory prison time if convicted.First-degree assault: A class 3 felony, first-degree assault can involve charges of intentionally causing serious bodily injury to someone with a deadly weapon, threatening a peace officer or firefighter with a deadly weapon, engaging in conduct that creates grave risk and causing serious bodily injury in the process, and intentionally disfiguring someone. A conviction to first-degree assault is likely to result in many years of prison time.

We Explore Every Potential Defense, Including Self Defense, In Assault Charges

As we say at the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray, if there is a defense to your case, we will find it. If there is not, we will help you achieve the best possible outcome. Assault Charge Defense AttorneyMany assault charges stem from a disagreement or altercation that escalates into a fight. You may have been charged with assault even though you were simply defending yourself against someone. Self-defense is a complete defense to assault charges. If you were simply defending yourself against a threat, we will fight to have your charges dismissed.In other situations, such as when someone is charged with causing serious bodily injury, the actual injuries may not be as serious as the government claims. Whatever your situation, our Greeley assault defense attorneys will look closely at the evidence in order to determine the strongest possible defense.Contact The Law Offices Of Robert E. RayWe are located in Greeley and serve Fort Collins, Loveland ,northern Colorado and Morgan County, call us or contact us now.Call 970-351-6083 or email our law firm to discuss the specifics of your situation. For our clients' convenience, we are available on evenings and weekends by appointment. We also have a Spanish interpreter on staff.