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You or someone you know has been charged with a crime, and it’s time to search for Weld County Attorneys” to help clear your name. Good thing your search brought you to the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray. A longtime Weld County resident who has been both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, Robert Ray knows the ins and outs of a courtroom. He knows how to defend you to the nth degree. Call for a free case evaluation today: (970) 351-6083. 

All you will ever need from Weld County Attorneys in one office 

A variety of life circumstances could you bring to the place where you need to search for  “Weld County Attorneys”. But not everyone just has an attorney in their little black book to call when in need. How do you know where to start when there are so many out there advertising their services? Here are some tips from the American Bar Association:

  • Get a recommendation from a trusted friend
  • Don’t rely on advertisements
  • Check your local bar association for referral services

 Let us take off some of the pressure. Robert E. Ray has been serving the people of Weld County and northern Colorado since 1975. He has a reputation for being strong in the courtroom with a keen eye for detail to ensure that he gives his clients the best representation, for whatever they need. He has defended hundreds of clients over the years charged with some of the worst crimes. As a graduate of the University of Colorado Law School, Robert Ray has some of the best education out there as a foundation, not to mention several years of practical application. 

Robert Ray’s years of experience show in the courtroom

In short, Robert Ray knows the law. He knows how prosecutors work and he especially knows how to apply the law to ensure clients are treated fairly to find justice. If you have a defense, he’ll find it and work to your case dismissed. If you don’t have a defense, he won’t just throw in the towel. He will scour your case and the evidence against you to make sure that the police and prosecution followed procedures exactly as they should. He will ensure you were treated within your constitutional rights. Often, he uncovers mistakes and missteps that clear his clients’ names and has charges dismissed. 

Search Weld County Attorneys to find the right team for you

At the law offices of Robert E. Ray, we employ an entire team to fight for our clients, including our own investigators, paralegals, and Spanish language interpreters. We have a strong track record for dismissals and not-guilty verdicts. Feel free to read through some of our case success stories to determine for yourself which attorney you will choose to have your back.

The Law Office of Robert Ray is conveniently located near the Weld County Courthouse in downtown Greeley. We have expertise in defending clients from DUI and drug crimes, to violent crimes, and even white-collar offenses. Call today to get on the road to justice.