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Fraud charges can stem from many different categories and are often linked to other charges. That is why you need to hire our white collar crimes defense attorneys to help you decipher the letter of the law. These types of charges are often investigated for long periods of time, so if you suspect you are under investigation, contact our aggressive trial defense attorneys today for you free case evaluation. These crimes have lasting penalties and stigmas that could make it very hard to procure future employment and provide for your family. Know your rights by calling our firm today!

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White Collar Theft Crimes

As white collar crime defense attorneys, we have the experience that could make the difference in your case. We defend the full range of white collar crimes, including wire fraud. This is a charge that can be brought against you in a variety of situations. The statute is rather broad and is often associated with other charges. Bank fraud, for example, can frequently have an associated wire charge. Tax fraud is similar, and if you are facing this charge, it can be very serious. Mortgage fraud is another example of a white collar crime that we will defend for you. As a criminal defense attorney with more than four decades experience, we know how to find the gaps in the government’s case. Mail fraud is another charge that can frequently be tacked on to a different charge. This is a prosecution tactic that we are very familiar with. Insurance and healthcare fraud is often very complex and requires a lengthy government investigation. You are entitled to due process, Accused of Fraudpart of which means your criminal defense attorney gets time to prepare your case. The sooner you get us started on the details of your case, the sooner we can get your life back to normal.

Sentences associated with white collar crimes are often less severe than other crimes. However, since there are often multiple charges in any indictment, do not take this lightly. Even short sentences can add up quickly and you could spend years away from your family. The fines that are associated with the crimes can be severe as well. If you are the victim of circumstances or an honest mistake, do not simply accept your fate. You need a trial lawyer, like us, to stand by your side throughout the whole process. We are committed to helping you and your family through this stressful time. Whether you committed a crime or not, your rights are not negotiable. The state must prove your guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. Let us fight for you and either prove your innocence or get you the best possible outcome.

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At the Law Offices of Robert Ray, our criminal defense lawyers are on standby to defend your fraud charges with zeal. We serve Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, and nearby areas.