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Who is the Best Greeley Criminal Defense Lawyer?

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Searching for “Who is the best Greeley criminal defense lawyer?” You need answers right away. There are certain things you should look for in your defense attorney. Keep reading to find out more.

Who is the Best Greeley Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Robert E. Ray is trusted as the best Greeley criminal defense lawyer. He has decades of successful cases to prove it. He doesn’t stop at not guilty or plea bargains. Whenever possible, he’ll fight to get the charges dismissed. From felony theft to assault to DUI charges, many of Robert Ray’s clients have had their charges dismissed before trial. Take a look at this example:

06/15/2018 – People vs. D.L.

Our client was charged with Felony Theft with his ex-girlfriend as the alleged victim. We were able to obtain text messages contradicting her statement to the police. We provided those text messages to the District Attorney and they DISMISSED the charges.

Are you questioning your DUI charge? Just because a blood sample was taken doesn’t mean that you are guilty. Consider this case:

07/11/2018 – People vs. S.L.M.

Our client was charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. We set the case for trial and hired an expert to test the 2nd sample of the blood test. Our blood test result was .050. Under Colorado Law if the Defendant’s BAC is .05 or less, it is presumed that the Defendant was not under the influence of alcohol and that the Defendant’s ability to operate a motor vehicle was not impaired. We forwarded our report to the District Attorney and based on the test and our no driving defense they DISMISSED the cases the day before the trial.

What Should I Look for in a Defense Attorney?

The right criminal defense lawyer for you not only understands but has experience defending the charges you face. Don’t be afraid to set up a meeting and ask questions. You need to know if they have defended similar cases. You need to know whether the case was dismissed, plead down, or found not guilty or guilty at trial. It might be possible to find out some of this information online. Many of the best lawyers feature their successful cases on their website. 

Still looking for who is the best Greeley criminal defense lawyer for you? Trust Robert E. Ray and his experienced Greeley defense team. His nearly 50 years of experience and successful record speak for themselves. Call today to set up your free one-hour case consultation by phone.

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