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Who is the best Greeley lawyer?

Looking for who is the best Greeley lawyer to defend your case? Maybe you’re worried that you’re being investigated and want the best attorney on your side? Look no further. The law offices of Robert E. Ray has been successfully defending clients in Weld County for decades. 

Who is the best Greeley lawyer?

Robert E. Ray is one of the best Greeley lawyers. His determination and commitment to his clients has led to many cases dismissed before trial. Trials are emotionally and financially draining, and Robert Ray understands this. That’s why he works so hard to find the best defense possible – often resulting with dismissed charges. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out this recent case:

03/04/2020 – People vs XX

Our client was arrested for investigation of Felony Drug Possession for possessing a significant amount of Methamphetamine, a Schedule 1 Drug. Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Ray was able to convince the Weld County Deputy District Attorney that our client was not the criminal in this case and the Deputy District Attorney did not file any formal charges and dismissed the case against our client. Our office further petitioned the Court to seal our client’s arrest record which the Court so did.

Robert E. Ray goes that extra mile for his clients. Charges dismissed are a great outcome, but you don’t want an arrest record following you around as you apply for a job. Having the right defense attorney on your side can make all the difference in a case like that.

I’ve been wrongfully accused of a crime. What can I do?

Hire an excellent criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Even though you’re innocent until proven guilty, the public won’t always see it that way. You want a strong defense before a trial even begins. That way, your defense lawyer could get the charges dismissed rather than having to go to trial. The less time and money spent dealing with charges, the better. Robert Ray will work with you to present the best defense possible – including an alibi if needed. You don’t have to go through this alone. Let us help you clear your good name.

If you’re still asking around for who is the best Greeley lawyer, contact the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray. If there’s a defense, we will find it. If there is no defense, we will get you the best outcome possible. Start with a free case consultation today.

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