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"He has a reputation as a bulldog in the courtroom, but Bob Ray gets results. If you find yourself in a legal bind, Ray is the guy you want in your corner. For decades, he has defended criminal civil cases in Weld County courts, and much of the time, Ray and his clients walk away winners." - The Greeley Tribune

Criminal Defense Attorney

UPDATE: During these difficult times our office will remain open from 8-5 p.m. Monday-Thursday; and 8-3:30 p.m. Fridays. We will be happy to meet with potential clients and all of our clients by phone, video or in person. Free one-hour consultations for criminal cases.

As criminal defense attorneys in Greeley Colorado and Weld and Morgan Counties, we are committed to defending your rights within the rule of the law. If you're facing criminal charges whether from a DUI, sex crimes, drug crimes, violent crimes, or white-collar crimes, we can help. All of these are serious charges and you need the best lawyer to defend you. Attorney Robert Ray can fill that need.

The sooner you retain sound counsel, like a Weld County criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Robert E. Ray, the sooner we can start aggressively attacking the prosecution’s case. In many instances, you are facing, if convicted, steep fines, probation, jail/prison time, or the death penalty. If you are facing criminal charges, call now for a free initial consultation with our Greeley attorneys - criminal defense lawyers (also serving Loveland, Ft. Collins, Morgan County and Northern Colorado). Call to discuss the merits of your case. Time is of the essence, call now.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Areas of Representation

With over 40 years of tenure in criminal law, including trial experience, we can skillfully dissect the merits of your case. From the ground up, our Weld County lawyers will build a solid defense. Our Greeley CO law firm boldly defends the following areas of representation for our clients:


If you have been charged with a DUI, the Colorado DUI law penalties penalties can vary. Was this your first offense? Were you underage and drinking? Drug involvement? Driving on a suspended? Other factors like whether or not you passed, failed or declined a breath or blood test also play a vital role. The law in our state this year also amended DUI classifications to include a felony DUI. All of these charges are serious and need to be addressed by one of our skilled criminal defense attorneys. A DUI on your record can cause serious complications with employment. Hire us to present all the evidence in a detailed light and we will find tooth and nail to overturn the charges or mitigate them. Don’t let one small mistake cost you your livelihood; call for our DUI specialists now! We're located in Greeley CO and serve Weld County, Larimer County, Morgan County.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes carry with them a strong social stigma. This doesn’t just affect you, but your entire family and social circle. These types of charges, because of their mental and physical impact on victims are ruthlessly prosecuted by the state. Over the years; however, our criminal defense attorneys have garnered a well-earned record of success defending clients charged with sexual crimes. We take the time to get to know every one of our clients, building a tailored case to your specific details. Do not take any chances. Contact our Greeley CO trial lawyers today!

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes can be for both legal and illegal substances. With the increase in prescription fraud and the continued crack down on the “war on drugs” law enforcement and prosecutors show little mercy. When you hire us as your criminal defense attorney, you are getting bold advocacy for your case. Many viable defenses exist for drug crimes, and we use our expertise and determination to get to the bottom of every case, no stone uncovered. Let us represent the truth of the facts to get your charges dropped or mitigated; call our Greeley CO Attorneys Office today!

Violent Crimes

When it comes to representing violent crimes, we will zealously fight for your innocence and freedom. Assault charges in Colorado, burglary, domestic violence, and murder all fall under this category. Each charge comes with its own set of legal challenges. Criminal Defense Lawyer GreeleyThis is where we shine because we know what is on the line! While we gather the info specific to your case during your free evaluation, we will devise the perfect game plan. Being accused or charged of a crime can be very scary. Our criminal defense attorneys can clearly explain to you all likely options. While charges might be standard, the specifics vary. We will listen keenly to your unique case and give you an honest review, so contact us now!

White Collar Crimes

Many people are under the pretense that white collar crimes are not prosecuted as harshly as other crimes, but that is a myth. White collar crimes include various types of fraud (wire, bank, tax, mortgage, bank, mail, insurance, and healthcare), tax evasion, and money laundering. Often times, these types of charges are grouped together to include more than one. Many clients are often aware they are being eyed by law enforcement prior to charges being filed. Anytime throughout the process you suspect you are being faced with potential white collar crime charges, contact our criminal defense attorney right away!

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