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DUI Drunk Driving LawyersA Colorado drunk driving arrest does not mean a conviction is a certainty. We believe that if there is a defense to the criminal allegations you face, we'll find it. The problems that arise following a criminal charge and possible driver's license suspension, such as not following the dui blood test time limit mandate fast resolution. We will handle your DUI defense with efficiency and attention to every detail, focusing on the best outcome. we have over 40 years of experience as a Greeley criminal defense lawyer (whether you're in Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland or nearby). Do you need a DUI lawyer in Morgan County? We can help!

Dedicated & Detail-Oriented Weld County Misdemeanor & Felony DUI Lawyers

In exploring all your options and possible defenses and communicating the impact defend your rights in a DUI case or any criminal or one or multiple Colorado drunk driving convictions, we will be candid and straightforward. Commercial drivers who have their livelihoods on the line need a CDL defense lawyer who will not just tell them what they want to hear.During your initial consultation at the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray, we will spend time with you to identify the specific issues involving your case. We secure and review all evidence, including police reports, driving records, dashboard camera video (if available) and an independent retesting of your blood sample.

The Benefits Of Having An Attorney At The Driver's License Suspension Hearing

In addition to the criminal process, we will also represent you before the Colorado Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) regarding possible license suspension. DUI Lawyers in GreeleyIn cases involving blood or breath test results above a .08 or after refusal to take a chemical test, you have seven days to request a hearing. If a blood test was conducted, the Notice of Revocation will be mailed to you, due to the delay in getting the results from a laboratory.The license suspension hearing is unrelated to your criminal case and the outcome has no impact in court. Cross-examining the officer and identifying his skills, experience and knowledge of the steps he took before arresting you help us prepare a more fact-based defense.For more information or to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Greeley, Fort Collins, Weld or Morgan County DUI defense lawyer, please fill out the form on our contact page or call 970-351-6083. For the convenience of our clients, our Greeley attorneys are available on evenings and weekends by appointment. We also have a Spanish interpreter on staff.Do you know the legal drinking limit is Colorado?